The Free and Easy Way to Simplify your Inbox

ZigMail separates, organizes, summarizes and archives your shopping, financial and transactional emails.

ZigMail Works with your
Current Email Accounts

ZigMail and your current accounts work together to simplify your life. You don't need to check multiple accounts, we do all the work for you. More Your current email account will be instantly cleaned up, and the daily digest sent to your primary email account will show all your new transactional emails in the past 24 hours, organized and grouped for easy review. If your interested, just click on a subject line to directly open the email, just as you would any other account. Less

ZigMail is Safe
and Secure

All your emails are safely stored, archived, and accessible from any computer or mobile device. ZigMail uses state of the art software More to keep your emails safe and SPAM out. No longer be afraid to give out your email address to companies. With ZigMail you are free to engage in the on-line world. Less

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